Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

58th Wedding Anniversary

Hey..I feel like I've not written in such a long time. Truth be told, I just can't get back into the bloggy swing. is a special day. Today is my parents 58th wedding anniversary. I had grand plans to visit my mom, sister (Kristy with a K) and Happy Mommy today. We were going to place a special Christmas wreath on my Dad's grave and then celebrate as best we could with a nice dinner that Happy Mommy prepared. Well here I sit in my kids both have sinus infections, bad coughs and I myself have a stomach flu. So much for celebrating.

Since I can't be with my family today, I thought I'd post this picture of my parents 58 years ago today. My dad would've been so happy to celebrate today. He loved getting together with his family but more importantly, he loved his wife more than words could say. He set such a high standard as a husband that I didn't even consider marriage until TBD came along when I was 38.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.