Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You ~ Age 39 (And Holding)

This is me on my 39th Birthday in October 2003. My new boyfriend took me to Montreal for the weekend and gave me this great present. I always wanted this Bulgari bracelet and he tricked me by putting it in a Tiffany box. When I opened it ~ I let out a curse word just because I was so shocked (I will not be sharing which one)!
This great boyfriend turned out to be Twice Blessed Daddy. He always gives me the most beautiful do Tate and Reese. He went to London a week before our getaway and brought me back the Burberry scarf I'm wearing in the first picture.
I was a red head then and didn't go brunette (natural) until January of 2004. I miss the red sometimes but it had a great 8 year run. Head on over to Kristen's site at "we are THAT family" for more Fro Me to You fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You ~ Tate and Reese Age 1 Month ish

Having just posted about my twins, I thought I'd share with you the first time I did Kangaroo Care with Tate and one of the first times I held Reese. Tate was 3 weeks old (pic taken 3/11/07) and Reese was 4 weeks (pic taken 3/17/07) old in these pictures. They didn't even weight 2 pounds at this point. They were just little bitty things. The first time I got to hold Tate chest to chest (hence called Kangaroo) was such a wonderful feeling. They made me wait a little longer to do KC w/ Reese for the fact she was just so tiny. Being a mother of preemies, I felt very robbed of all the normal things moms get to do when their baby's are born. These babies are true miracles and we thank Jesus for them each and every day.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Longer a Milk Mama

I've been a Milk Mama since 2/19/07. I started pumping on the day my twins were born. I pumped for the 3 months they were in the NICU and started breast feeding them both the last 2 weeks of their hospital stay. I continued to pump and nurse once they were home. I was somewhat relieved that they had to be supplemented on Enfacare 2 times a day because I just wasn't convinced I had enough milk for both babies. I continued to pump and give them bottles, nurse and give formula (alternating of course) until August. We had to make a trip to Detroit for one of Tate's eye surgeries. The 8 hour trip took us 12 hours. TBD bought an adaptor so I could use my pump in the car. Yes that would be me ~ driving down the highway pumping away. Once we got to the hotel at 2am (we had to be at the hospital at 6a), I pumped for the very last time. I said, "That's it!" and it was.

I then started nursing and giving Enfacare (still twice a day) and that lasted until February. Once the twins turned a year old, I was able to stop the Enfacare. I freaked! So, I started giving them Lipil 2 times a day instead. Tate was the first to lose interest in nursing so I increased his Lipil to 3 times a day in March. They both always nursed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Reese would nurse several times throughout the day but not for very long.

In May, Tate stopped nursing at night and only nursed in the morning. Reese still nursed at least 3 times a day. In June, Reese only wanted to nurse in the morning and only sometimes at night. They started drinking whole milk the latter part of June and both love it.

I'm so sad to say that Tate stopped nursing completely the last week in June and I can't even remember the day...or the last time for that matter. Now if you know me...I ALWAYS write stuff down. I've had a diary/journal since I was in the 7th grade and I faithfully write in it daily. I've looked through my journal and realized that I didn't even write about it. I guess there's been so much going on lately and have had other things on my mind. At least that's what I've been telling myself because I just can't believe it didn't write it down!

I noticed a few weeks ago that Reese has been less than enthused to nurse in the morning. Now this does make me very sad.. Again, if you know me - you'd never know I was feeling this way. I know so many women enjoy nursing so much (you know who you are!). But for me, I liked it and did love it sometimes, but didn't have that crazy nursing feeling I was expecting to have.
Back to Reese - she started only nursing every few mornings. Then I noticed it was twice a week. Last Saturday about 5am ish, Reese woke up and I was listening to her cry. I thought to myself she'll go back to sleep. Then I remembered that it was her 17 month bday (7/19) and decided to get my girl out of her bed and nurse her for the very last time. She was so happy to see me and she nursed for over 45 minutes while sleeping. I knew that it would be the last time I'd ever nurse a baby.

I'm happy that I remember every little detail about it (and yes, I wrote about it in my journal), but I'm also a lot sadder than I expected. We went to Happy Mommy's house that day for Bo and Daisy's party. I told HM about my morning and could hardly get it out - I started crying and got very upset. I totally didn't expect the emotions I was having . My husband will read this and go "What? I didn't know this." It's not something that I wanted to share until now.

That's all for now. I have to figure out what I'm going to post for tomorrow's SFMTY. Where's the Kleenex?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pool Incident

I decided to take the babies to the pool on Tuesday. Our routine - I wheel them in their double stroller under this massive umbrella, grab a pool chair and lay in the sun next to them, give them Cheerios and sippy cups and they almost always take a nap and sleep for 2 hours give or take.

Reese decided she didn't want to nap but wanted to cry instead. She was cranky, needed a nap and wanted me to hold her. I'd pick her up and get her to fall asleep and put her back in the stroller only to have her wake up and cry some more. I've had to learn how to let a baby cry once in a while (you have to when you have twins). I decided to let her cry it out and figured she'd fall asleep. Didn't happen. My friend April who just happens to be a NICU nurse, came over to me and said "let me hold her - your relax and read your book and I'll walk around a bit with her". Of course I said yes! I don't get too many offers like that and learned not to pass them up. Keep in mind - Tate was asleep the whole time during this.

She was able to get Reese back to sleep and handed her to me and went back to her daughter across the pool. I guess I forgot to mention that 2 women had shown up during one of Reese's crying jags and sat at a table near by. They talked quite loud and the one who was a little more obnoxious than the other had a very strong NY accent. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE NY and miss it very much. She was just one of those ladies who wore all her jewelry at once and wanted everyone to know she was from NY.

I again put Reese back in her stroller and she starts screaming this time..not crying, no tears, just loud screams. I'm very calm during all this because what can I do? We're at the pool and she's not the only screaming kid there - granted the others were swimming and having fun with their friends. Ok..back to the reason I posted this! Now I do realize that there are some people who can't take hearing a baby cry (like I said above - I am used to it). The NY'er comes over and kneels down in front of Tate (who had just woke up about 2 minutes before) and brings with her an orange Popsicle that's 12inches long in a plastic case and asks if she can give it to Reese. I said "no, that's ok". "Can I hold her for you?"...."no, that's ok". "What's wrong with her?"...."she needs to take a nap". Then said NY'er looks at Tate and says "Is he BLIND?"...."NO he's not". Over comes her friend. "Can I hold her for you?"..."no, that's ok". "What's wrong with her?"..."she needs to take a nap". "Are you sure I can't hold her for you?"..."no, that's ok". "You let that other lady hold her."...."I know, she's my friend".

They finally walked away after that and carried on with their own conversation. I just sat there and couldn't quit thinking how rude it is to ask someone if their child is blind the way she did. I was in a bit of shock and I let it ruin the rest of my day. Why do I have to explain anything to a total stranger?

Anyway, I was able to get Reese back to sleep and she did take an hour nap and was very happy after that. I guess I should've just taken her home and put her to sleep in her crib. It usually works out that they get their nap in and I get some time to soak up some sun. I'm trying to take advantage of this while the weather is still nice. Well - I just wanted to share our pool incident with everyone. Does anyone else get bothered by strangers rude remarks?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You ~ Father in Law

This is a special "fro me to you" post of my father in law Ernie. He sadly passed away last Tuesday 7/8/08. This is a picture of him with his granddaughter Jessica who looks to be about 9 months old, so that would make it 1986.

Reese looks quite a bit like Jessica in this picture. I never knew Ernie not to have a nasal canula of oxygen or without gray hair. He looks great and very proud in this photo.

Here's to you'll be missed by many.

For more walks down memory lane, head on over to Kristen's site at "we are THAT family" and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Been a While!

I haven't posted in quite a while. Not because I haven't had anything to say - but because I had so much to say and I couldn't get myself together.

To begin, last Tuesday (7/8) Reese had her eye surgery. It went very well and she's recovering nicely. She goes back to Hopkins tomorrow for a post op appt. While she was in recovery, they called me to go and be with her. I held her for over a 1/2 hour while she slept peacefully with her little eye patch on (the nurses told me it was her 3rd - she'd pulled the first 2 off). They finally released us to go to her recovery room on a different floor. They wheeled me (holding her) off to the elevator. When we passed TBD he was on the phone. I said - let's go and he shushed me. I said TBD, we're off to the recovery floor and he said "my Dad died this morning".

The day was very long and full of a lot of emotions. We were expecting this - just not so suddenly. We thought he had a few more months. My husband was not prepared. I don't think you can ever be.

On Wednesday 7/9, Tate had a consultation with an eye specialist. I was told that he definitely needs surgery on his right (good) eye and there's a 50/50 chance it could go right/wrong. I struggled to tell TBD this info so I decided to tell him face to face (he had a meeting he couldn't miss or he'd have been at this appt). If we do nothing, we guarantee Tate will have more problems and possible glaucoma in the future. We know we must let this surgeon do the surgery, but we're not prepared for the outcome. Keep sweet baby Tate in your prayers. (I haven't told many people about this since I was so overwhelmed - sorry if you're reading about it and I didn't tell you personally.)

Thursday 7/10 was the 1st viewing. It was very hard on TBD. I took the twins and joined him. That seemed to make him feel a little bit better. Everyone was excited to see them. Need to mention that Mrs. G stopped by our house while we were away and left lots of goodies for us. Chocolate chip muffins, brownies and my fav - a Texas sheet cake! Thanks to the G's for being so sweet!

Friday 7/11 was the full day of viewing. My parents and sister came to our house and my sister Kristy helped me get the twins ready. While we were running around our house, my mother in laws sister Helen and husband Joe came by (they were to follow us the the funeral home). They had this lady with them and I thought to myself, this must be one of their nieces (she looks very young for her age...I need to know her secret). Once inside my home, she announced "I'm the other sister". I was shocked but happy to meet her. She brought me a cake. My mother in law hasn't seen or spoken to her in over 20 years. At the funeral home, they hugged and acted like it was just yesterday that they had last saw each other. I think they've both forgotten why they were mad in the first place. Anyway, at least something good came from has come together. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better and spending holidays with her. Teresa (that's her name) just lost her husband 6 months ago. Maybe Marie (m-in-law) can get close to her sister again since they are both going through the same thing.

Happy Mommy and her family met us at the funeral home. We had a nice get together at Marie's apartment clubhouse and ate some great food during the break (another viewing that evening).

One good thing about the day - it was my niece Daisy's birthday. We had cake and gave her a few presents that evening. She was so cute and excited but kept reminding me "this isn't my party". She's such a sweet girl and we love little Daisy May to pieces!

Saturday 7/12 was the funeral in Baltimore. Happy Mommy and Kristy watched our kids while we were away. Another freaky friday moment - my father in law's (Ernie) twin brother Franklin was there! They hadn't seen or spoken in about 20 years as well. It was very surreal because they are identical twins! His hair was shorter and he doesn't were oxygen but the voices were the same. It was nice of him to be there and I'm happy I got to meet him. He even came to lunch with us after and it was like Ernie was there....I kept hearing him talk over all the conversation and I kept turning to see..they sound so much alike.

Things are back to somewhat normal around here except TBD is in Charleston SC on a business trip. I hope he thinks about work while he's away and doesn't keep thinking about last week. I don't know how he's supposed to feel. I just know it must be awful to lose your father...something I'm not looking forward to in the future but something I've been thinking a lot about this past week.

I'm going to try to start posting a lot more often. Thanks to Happy Mommy for posting a "fro me to you" tribute to my father in law last week.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sincerely Fro Me to You ~ Age 33

I've been very busy lately (taking babies to the pool) and haven't had the time to blog.

However, I can never miss Thursdays edition of "Sincerely Fro Me to You". I found this picture of myself at my mom's house the last time I was there for a visit. It's a photo taken of me on

10/4/98 - I turned 34 almost 2 weeks later. This photo represents a totally different me from who I am now. I had no idea how much my life would change. I won't get into that now...not enough time!! My hair is naturally curly but the red was a phase that I went through for about 8 I'm back to my original brunette color. Many people thought I was a natural red head since I have sun damage so many freckles! Did I mention that I used to be "scarf girl"? I wore a scarf all the time and this was my signature way to tie it - so original don't you think?

For more walks down memory lane, head on over to Kristen's site "we are THAT family" and enjoy!