Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Pool Incident

I decided to take the babies to the pool on Tuesday. Our routine - I wheel them in their double stroller under this massive umbrella, grab a pool chair and lay in the sun next to them, give them Cheerios and sippy cups and they almost always take a nap and sleep for 2 hours give or take.

Reese decided she didn't want to nap but wanted to cry instead. She was cranky, needed a nap and wanted me to hold her. I'd pick her up and get her to fall asleep and put her back in the stroller only to have her wake up and cry some more. I've had to learn how to let a baby cry once in a while (you have to when you have twins). I decided to let her cry it out and figured she'd fall asleep. Didn't happen. My friend April who just happens to be a NICU nurse, came over to me and said "let me hold her - your relax and read your book and I'll walk around a bit with her". Of course I said yes! I don't get too many offers like that and learned not to pass them up. Keep in mind - Tate was asleep the whole time during this.

She was able to get Reese back to sleep and handed her to me and went back to her daughter across the pool. I guess I forgot to mention that 2 women had shown up during one of Reese's crying jags and sat at a table near by. They talked quite loud and the one who was a little more obnoxious than the other had a very strong NY accent. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE NY and miss it very much. She was just one of those ladies who wore all her jewelry at once and wanted everyone to know she was from NY.

I again put Reese back in her stroller and she starts screaming this time..not crying, no tears, just loud screams. I'm very calm during all this because what can I do? We're at the pool and she's not the only screaming kid there - granted the others were swimming and having fun with their friends. Ok..back to the reason I posted this! Now I do realize that there are some people who can't take hearing a baby cry (like I said above - I am used to it). The NY'er comes over and kneels down in front of Tate (who had just woke up about 2 minutes before) and brings with her an orange Popsicle that's 12inches long in a plastic case and asks if she can give it to Reese. I said "no, that's ok". "Can I hold her for you?"...."no, that's ok". "What's wrong with her?"...."she needs to take a nap". Then said NY'er looks at Tate and says "Is he BLIND?"...."NO he's not". Over comes her friend. "Can I hold her for you?"..."no, that's ok". "What's wrong with her?"..."she needs to take a nap". "Are you sure I can't hold her for you?"..."no, that's ok". "You let that other lady hold her."...."I know, she's my friend".

They finally walked away after that and carried on with their own conversation. I just sat there and couldn't quit thinking how rude it is to ask someone if their child is blind the way she did. I was in a bit of shock and I let it ruin the rest of my day. Why do I have to explain anything to a total stranger?

Anyway, I was able to get Reese back to sleep and she did take an hour nap and was very happy after that. I guess I should've just taken her home and put her to sleep in her crib. It usually works out that they get their nap in and I get some time to soak up some sun. I'm trying to take advantage of this while the weather is still nice. Well - I just wanted to share our pool incident with everyone. Does anyone else get bothered by strangers rude remarks?


The G's said...


By the way, when are we getting together to go to the pool? Now I want to go and find "Miss I am from NY, I am nosy and I am wearing all of my jewelry at once."

Amy said...

That's so rude!!!! I think she needs a good slap! Is he blind-what an idiot. (sneak and put vaseline on her car door handle next time!) Suntan lotion will work too. J.K.!!
Strangers are usually not the ones who pick on me as a mother and Madi. They don't like the way I dress her-they want her to wear a velvet dress everyday of her life. It was really bad at first with the old home remedy stuff. (up to 7 phone calls a day from the same person) Or they pick on my house, food, weight or anything else they can find to pick on. I've been told I will embarrass Madi at school because I'm so overweight. (size 12 isn't THAT big) I could fill up a book with the negative remarks I've had.
I know it's very hard just to let things roll off your back, because it's hard for me too.
Just realize some people will never change and will always be rude and stupid!

Jessica said...

That's awful!! I would've shot something back to her if I had come!

P.S. Like how I'm commenting now? :)

Giovanna said...

That is rude!
I would never think to ask that.
What is wrong w/people?
Is it that hard to be considerate?

Carolina Mama said...

Hang in there! I'm a twin mom too. :) They are so cute.

KE II said...

Hey there, stumbled on your blog from Sunnys. You mentioned that you had some advice for what you felt worked for you, would you mind sharing with me too?? :)