Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ear Infection, Amoxicillin and a Rash

Well, I took Reese to the doctor on Monday and found out my baby girl has an ear infection in her left ear. That explains all the fevers since last Friday night. Her doctor prescribed amoxicillin for her. Off to CVS to drop off her script, then go to Lab Corp to get her blood drawn (this is required for her surgery on 7/8).

We get to Lab Corp and so happy that we are the only ones there so Reese is seen straight away. I had to hold her in my lap, hold her left wrist with my left hand and her upper arm with my right hand. The phlebotomist was great and got her vein the first time. Reese screamed bloody murder and sobbed least she got a Garfield band aid.

On Tuesday, Reese was still having fevers periodically. Her Aunt Jessica came for a visit and we took the babies to the pool. We all had a great time. Afterwards, we fed the babies, ordered this great salad from Uno's (Honey Crisp Chicken Salad), gave the babies a bath and Jess went to pick up our salads. They were great as always! Jess fed Reese her bottle as I fed Tate his bottle. Reese drank her milk so fast. Jessica asked "should I burp her?" , I said "no, she burps on her own now" , Jessica says "oh good - I was afraid she might spit up on me since she drank it so fast" to which I replied "oh, she NEVER throws up anymore". Not 2 seconds later, Reese lets out a loud burp and throws up all over herself, Jessica, the couch and the carpet. I was speechless.. for a moment. I felt so bad for Reese (Jessica too - no one likes getting thrown up on). HM called me right after and I told her what had happened and she asked if she had had her medicine yet and I said I gave it to her right before I gave her the bottle. I thought she just drank her milk too fast.

So, lets move on to Wednesday. A few fevers and amoxicillin later - about noon, I notice that Reese has a rash on her torso. I call her doctor and speak to a nurse I'm not familiar with who tells me to watch it and call back if it gets any worse. Around 2p, I decided to take the babies to the pool so they could take a nap in the shade and I could sit in the sun for a few hours...
About 330p, I notice that Reese now has red bumps on her arms, neck, cheeks and forehead. I call TBD and then the doctor. This time, I spoke with our favorite nurse and tell her the deal. She got upset when I told her that I called before and that I was told to call back. She says, "Reese is having an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin and to STOP giving it to her." She talks to our doctor, then called me back to say that they've called in a Z pack for Reese. Poor baby girl. From about noon until 4p, I called HM about 40 times on her cell and she never picked up.
She finally calls me back at 430p after she's seen all her missed calls and the first thing out of her mouth is "Reese is having an allergic reaction..that's why she threw up last night". See - if she would've just answered her phone, I would've known much sooner!

So today - Reese is a happy little girl with bumps all over her body.... all except her legs.

I guess these are the trials of being a first time mommy. I just don't always catch things right away because they've never happened to us before.

Please pray that my baby girl has no reaction to the Z pack!!
Any suggestions on how to make her rash go away??????


Amy said...

We will be praying for Reese. Don't ever feel bad like you missed a clue that she was sick. Babies do all sorts of things and it's hard because they can't tell you what's wrong. I know too how hard it can be being a first time Mom. I freak out everytime Madi gets a little choked on food.
The twins are blessed as well to have you two as parents.

I am alleric to most antibiotics myself. Hopefully, it will get better with age for Reese like it did for me.
Good Luck and I hope she gets to feeling better real soon.

Stacy said...

Does the rash itch? If not, I think I would just let time take care of it. I don't think I'd try another med of any type unless she is uncomfortable with the rash.