Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

To my wonderful husband ~ Happy 2nd Father's Day! Tate and Reese couldn't decide what to get TBD for Father's Day. They finally decided on a watch. TBD has dropped a few hints of wanting a casual watch so... yesterday, we headed off to Macy's and found the perfect one. (If you click on the X, you can see the watch.)

We gave my dad a GPS for his birthday/Father's Day combo present. Tate, Reese and I just spent 2 days with him and really enjoyed our visit. We looked through a lot of old pictures that I'd forgotten about. I'm so ready for next Thursday's "Sincerely Fro You to Me"!!

What Father's Day gift did you give?


Amy said...

Sounds like TBD had a great Father's Day. I'm sure he loved his watch and spending time with you guys. Time is precious.

Stacy said...

My father doesn't need anything.... so I am giving him a trip to the Tamarack Building in West Virginia. (Arts and Crafts of people from that state.-- NICE things to see and buy).

Somehow I'll load up a couple of wheel chairs and take both of my parents for the day.

I'm also looking at the calendar... to see when we could plan a visit to my dear aunt and uncle in Virginia. I've not seen them in over a year now and I feel sad. Hopefully, we can find a time that will fit in everyone's schedule.