Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long Day ~ 1st Emergency Room Visit ~ Reese

Today was very hectic.  While we were waiting for Tate's OT to come for a visit this morning, the kids broke free from their playroom as I was in the restroom.  I see them both go by as I had the bathroom door open.  Next, I hear bells ringing letting me know that they were at the front door (Milo's I need to go potty so I ring the bells).  Then a loud crash, glass shatter and Reese screaming/crying.  I come running around the corner to see Tate at the front door and he's holding a huge chunk of glass out to me.  Reese is sitting next to a wrought iron vase holder that she has managed to pull over.  It holds a glass vase with glass rocks and flowers. She is covered in blood and holding a large chunk of glass in her right hand.  I grab the glass out of her hand and notice that her middle finger is badly cut.  I scoop her up and run to the bathroom leaving a blood trail behind.  I rinse it off , grab a towel and apply pressure.  Call TBD at work and he doesn't pick up. Call the pediatrician and find out they don't do stitches (should I have known this?).  Call TBD again who doesn't pick up.  Call Emi (Tate's OT) and cancel.  Call Happy Mommy who walks me through what I should do.  All while Milo is walking around the glass and Tate keeps going back to the front door.  I'm freaking at this point and TBD still doesn't answer his phone!  Milo in the crate, Tate in his car seat and Reese's hand taped up and in her car seat, we're on our way to the ER.  I finally remember TBD's emergency number while talking to HM.  Happy Mommy gets him pulled out of a meeting and tells him what's happened. He finally calls me as I'm driving to the nearest ER.  Then I call my sister in law forgetting that she's with her mom at the doctor.  Her husband, my BIL calls and tells me to make sure that the ER has a plastic surgeon on call.  He makes some calls for me and it's decided to take Reese to the ER hospital where she was born quite a few more miles away...they have a pediatric ER.  I meet TBD along the way, he parks his car and drives us to the ER.  Reese has quit bleeding awhile earlier and I'm a little less frantic at this point.  We make it to the hospital, TBD drops us off, takes Tate to our BIL's and comes back to see us.  In the meantime, Reese is seen straight away.  They decide to clean her hand, give her a shot in her hand that will block the nerves and stitch her right up.  She's strapped down in a papoose and I'm holding her left hand and stroking her head while she's screaming at the top of her lungs.  Her knuckle was cut pretty deep but no tendon or muscle damage.  She got two stitches, a splint and bandaged up.  She looks like she flipping everyone the bird which I'm sure she is.  TBD gets back just in time for it to be all over and we are discharged.  We go back home and give our sweet girl some Motrin.   My SIL and MIL were at our house cleaning up all the glass and blood when we arrived...thanks for that!   I take Reese up to our room and we climb in bed and take a nap together.  Tate enjoyed the day with his uncle Jeff and cousin/aunt Jessica who were apartment hunting for Jessica.  I know this post is very disorganized but please excuse's been a rough day!!


Ruby Wife said...

Oh my baby girl! I'm so sorry for her and you. How scarey! Praying for quick healing.

Quick thinking on your part....great job!

Love ya!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Bless her little heart. I hope she's all healed real soon. I was really tearing up and then I read the flipping the bird part and made me giggle. I'm so glad she's okay.
I guess we are going to go through a lot of these things, huh?! I'm uptight and freak out at the things Madi does. I'm sure that I am too protective of her and I should just relax and let her play.

Happy Mommy said...

It sounds much more organized than the phone call....
It is so scary when your baby gets hurt and her first snafu is a major one at that!
Glad she is doing better!

Giovanna Diaries said...

Welcome to the club! Isn't the stitching process heart wrenching?
My poor guy felt everything! And they gave him 2 shots to numb the nerves....but it either didn't take, or he was super sensitive. But the second the needle went in that's when he'd scream "Owowowow" so I'm assuming, he felt it. But it was right over his eyebrow so maybe it was more mental b/c he saw it coming.
Anyways, hope Reese heals up soon. Hope you have recovered as well.
Sending you hugs! You survived your first ER trip! Hope there aren't any more in the future!

The G's said...

Poor Resse. Wish I had been home and could have helped. Darn job...Let me know if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Whew!! Praying for Reese (and you). Motherhood -- there's nothing like it!


Becky said...

I can't stand blood...but isn't it interesting that when that kind of stuff happens we have the grace to deal with it. :)

I have had the papoose and stitches experiment is so hard to watch the little ones be strapped and tortured...even if for their own good. :)

Glad you had special people to come and clean up the mess...and if they are done...send them to my house for a quick cleanup, would ya? LOL

You know, we mom's can never pee in peace...that is just one more testimony, eh?

Have a great weekend loving on your babies...glad everyone is okay.

The Maid

Stacy said...

Hopefully you will never need this warning..... but a cut on the head will bleed more profusely than you can imagine. Doctors have told me the reason and I think it is something to do with the skin being thin but I really don't remember.
In other words - If one of them falls and cuts the forehead or something - it will probably LOOK much worse than it is. So be ready and try to keep calm.

Katie fell off the top of the piano and smacked her face into a punch bowl that was sitting in the floor waiting to be taken to the basement for storage.
Grant stumbled while spinning in circles doing a victory dance and hit the corner of the piano with his head.

Now that I think of it, PIANOS are dangerous. No music lessons for Tate and Reese!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Hey I gave you the gold award as well. You are really rich now! said...

Wow! What a scary experience for you all. Hope she is feeling better now and so are you!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness! Well, perhaps you have gotten the trauma drama out of the way.

My daughter was involved in our first trip to the ER after she ran into a copy machine at my husband's office....with her face! Knocked out two teeth and now, 4 years later, we are finally starting to see those teeth peek through the gums!

Hope the princess is doing better.