Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surgery Update, NICU Reunion and Shampoo

It's been awhile since I've felt like sitting down to blog. I guess I've been in a bit of a funk lately...and feeling a little old since my niece just turned 30! YIKES!

Tate's surgery went very well. Dr. Trese tried to make a few cuts to Tate's pupil in hopes that it would just spring open but that didn't work. He had to cut away part of his iris to make his pupil size be 4mm which is good. He removed the rest of his lens capsule and did a bit of laser to remove old scar tissue. He also put an air bubble in Tate's eye because his retina is slightly folded and this should help flatten it out. We had to keep Tate on his belly for 2 days and that was quite the task. We are going back to Detroit on 10/14 for a check up (we usually follow up with his doctor here but Dr. Trese wants to see him first) and hopefully that will be our last visit to the Motor City. For all of you who are wondering ~ Yes we finally went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sad to report it was a bit underwhelming. The highlight was listening to "Roundabout" by YES on a video monitor since it's in the top 500 songs that changed rock and roll. I'm a HUGE Yes fan for those of you who don't already know that!

We went to the first NICU reunion last Sunday. It was quite surreal seeing all my friends that I made (my pump room buddies) while the twins were there and their children. I was so happy to see our 2 favorite doctors and they were equally as happy to see Reese and Tate. It was a little disappointing that we only saw a few of the nurses who cared for them. We were hoping to see our favorites but none of them were there. The nurse who let me touch Tate for the first time when he was just 1 day old was there and she came right up and hugged me..that surprised me a bit but she was really sweet. I think we'll go back next year for sure. I hate to say this but I was quite surprised that out of all the kids who were in the NICU at the same time as my kids, none of them had any health issues. Please don't get me wrong..I'm very relieved that they are all healthy with no problems. It's just made me feel a little worse about my kids vision issues... and selfishly so. Please don't say "It could've been worse" because I already know how their whole ordeal could've turned out...I just wish that they too had no problems at all.

Okay, last subject is Shampoo. I will tell you that I always have been and always will be a shampoo snob. Even in my broke and single days I would buy expensive hair products and live on rice and cereal. I'm in a shampoo rut. I always have at least 3 different shampoos and alternate their use (just to keep my hair surprised) but I've been using the same ones for years and I'm getting very bored with them. I'm asking for your help and opinions..which shampoos do you use and why? There really is a huge difference between salon poos and drugstore brands. My hair will attest that this is true. Anyway, please let me know if you have any good shampoos I should try. Thanks for your help!!


Happy Mommy said...

First let me say Thanks alot about the 30 comment! And as for a Yes fan, that is funny! You are a Yes fanatic, listen people when you call her cell phone a yes song is playing, oh and once while at a Yes concert with TBM the singer or guitarist told me I was beautiful and I might have been flattered except he is old enough to me my grandpa!
I am sure you get sick of hearing what could have happened with the babies, I have probably said it a time or two myself, but really there is nothing wrong with you wanting them to be perfect every parent wants that!
And yes she is so for real she might not have had money for food but the girl has always spent money on her hair, now she did vary in her diet slightly she also had ice cream, and chips and salsa.
I love Tresmee shampoo and I love Charles Worthington both can be found at walmart. And even though I buy my shampoo at walmart I buy the most expensive kind I can find.... And salon shampoo does make my hair feel better, Thank you for sharing yours with me every time we are together!

Twice Blessed said...

It was the bass player and he's old enough to be your FATHER..not Grandfather...just to clarify!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

That's so cool that you had a NICU reunion! Don't think you are selfish for wanting your babies to be perfectly healthy, you all have been through a lot and I think it's heartbreaking they have to go through so many procedures.

On the shampoo, I love Scruples (mainly for the fragrance) but honestly, what works best for my dry hair is Suave 2 in 1 healthy shine. None of the other shampoos made by Suave work for me, just this one.

Kristy with a K said...

Well, I don't have the money to be a hair snob, if you will, but I saw an info mercial the other day, and philosophy has shampoo. I know you like their other products, maybe one of their shampoos would be to your liking.
Nothing wrong with want healthy and perfect children. With all the new treatments, and surgeries every year, I feel like God will make a way for your kids. Love you all

Giovanna Diaries said...

The NICU reunion sounds tough. I've never gone to any of mine. Well, I live 2 states away now and that's the main reason. But even when I was living in NY and I could have gone, I just didn't b/c unlike you, I didn't have or make any good friends there. I just had the nurses and the doctors. Still when I look back I'm a bit shocked that I was the only mom who was there from morning to night. Yes, there were moms that would pop in for an hour or two but that's about it. I thought I'd be bonding with these moms and having lunch with moms who were going through the same thing as me but instead I just would sit in shifts by the boys isolettes and read.
Totally not what I expected.

Carolina Mama said...

Nice blog. As I twins mom, I had to pop over (again, I have been by before I believe) and see the twins. What a cute blog and CUTIES

Stacy said...

I have a different perspective on a hospital situation with a child.

When my Emily was diagnosed with leukemia, we met every family who had a child admitted at that time. Of all the kids up and down the hallway, Em is the only one who survived. It was very sobering.

I feel extremely blessed that we got to keep her and raise her, but also there is a sense of guilt that I can't explain. Especially when I occasionally run into one of the mothers who lost their child. I just wanted so much for all of them to have an outcome like ours.

And yes, it could have been worse. But that doesn't ease the burden of the here and now. But rest assured that Reese and Tate have the best possible care and parents who would do anything for them. They are BlessedBabies.

Stacy said...

Someone wrote into Dr. Gott and he published the suggestion of TRESemee Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

The woman was having hair loss and it helped her. My hair is coming out..... so I am trying it. It leaves it soft.

Yes, my hair is coming out, but at least SOME part of me is thin, right? You gotta claim your victories where you can.

Stacy said...

Aren't they kinda annoying like Rush?
Is that the group with a singer named John Anderson? You used that name once... and I can't remember who the group was. After all this conversation was 24 years ago.

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