Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update on Tate

Tate's surgery went as well as could be expected. He did have a cataract which had to be removed, meaning they removed his ocular lens. They were able to open his pupil which was the main goal of his procedure. They did have to make one serious decision and we're glad that opted to stop where they did. I should mention that Dr. Trese (doctor in Detroit) was aware of Tate's surgery and acted as a consultant. After removing his cataract and all the lens cavity, they wanted to make a small hole in the back of his lens chamber. After noticing that Tate still has some residual ROP scaring, they realized if they did make this hole, it would pull on his retina. This is where Dr. Trese will come in. We will be making hopefully a final trip to Detroit so he can do this delicate procedure on Tate. So all in all, this is a good thing. Tate will probably have to wear glasses or a single contact on his right eye but that is so minor.

Tate's primary doctor who lead the surgery told us that Tate's cataract was so opaque, that he didn't really think that there had been any useful vision in his right eye. What?? Here we've been so worried about this procedure since all this time we've thought it was his "good eye". After Tate's right eye was patched yesterday, we were not sure how much he could see out of his left eye which has a severely dragged macula. I tell you people, I'm so happy to report that Tate was not the least bit affected by his right eye being patched (except that he kept trying to remove it all day). He played and acted like his usual now we realize that even though his macula is dragged, he still has had very useful vision out of his left eye....who knew?

I'm looking forward to know how he sees after I take him to the doctor this morning to have the patch removed. Since his pupil is now open, he should be able to see much better. And we do know he was nearsighted in that eye and removing the lens should correct that. The reason he'll need glasses or a contact is to replace the lens and help him focus.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. It has really meant a lot to me and our family. I'll keep everyone posted on when we make our trek back to Detroit. Maybe there's still hope for me and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!


jennifer said...

Thank you so much for letting me know this post is up. I appreciate you so much for that!

I am praying that when the bandage comes off, you will know by the look on his little face that it was a complete success. He is a trooper. I pray blessings over your family and Tate.

God is good and I believe He will meet Tate's needs, physically and spiritually!


Giovanna Diaries said...

Phew! I'm glad everything went as you hoped. Evenmoreso....glad that at least this part is over.
I hope Tate continues on doing well w/his recovery.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Glad to hear the good news and that he is able to play and have fun despite the patched eye. We love him and can't wait to hug him and his sis!

D... said...

Praise God that Tate is ok after his surgery. I'm sorry he has to go through another procedure. But, wearing glasses or a contact lens really is minor. That's wonderful!

Ruby Wife said...

I'm glad to hear that baby boy Tate is doing well.....we were praying for him and you guys. We love those babies and know God loves them more! Let us know how Detroit goes.....and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Love you HUN!!

Kristy with a K said...

God is Good, and He does answer prayers. Aren't you glad we have someone Greater than ourselves to count on. I love Tate and Reese, and I am so happy for Tate. It is unfortunate about Detroit, but it sounds like all the right decisions were made. Thank you Lord. Love to all

Stacy said...

Grant is near sighted and I didn't know it until this time last year. When I picked up his new glasses and took them to school, he was amazed!!!! He didn't know he couldn't see well until he put the glasses on and everything cleared up. He chattered non-stop about all the details of things he could now see. He was so thankful and and so excited.
It will be a whole new world for Tate!

Tammy said...

Praise the Lord, I had been thinking about you. I couldn't remember when his surgery was.

Praying for continued healing!

Jen said...

Hi again..

I'm a new reader and this post caught my eye. My niece had surgery on her eye twice when she was an infant (for different reasons).. it was a terrifying yet incredible experience to see what today's medical expertise can do. Luckily the only surgery my Ben has had to deal with is having tubes put in his ears.. but with his seizure disorder, that keeps us hopping (and on a first name basis with the staff at Children's hospital in Boston.. *sigh*). I hope that your little guy's recovery is quick. My niece had the patch on both for her recovery from the surgeries and then while they tried to build the muscles in her weak eye.. I'll ask my sister if they came up with any tricks.. at one point she needed to wear the patch for 22 hours a day.