Friday, August 8, 2008

7 Things About Me MeMe

Thanks cousin Amy for tagging me in this meme. I've had a hard time coming up with 7 things! Just wait until my 100th blog and I have to come up with 100 things! Crazy...anyway, here goes;

1) I smoked for 1 week when I was 18 - hated it!

2) I dated a rock star briefly when I was 26 and we are still friends to this day...he just turned 60! YIKES! I still get free tickets to all his band's shows..and don't call me a groupie please. Groupies aren't invited, they just show up. I'm always invited....because I'm special like that.

3) My hair is naturally wavy/curly and I use big round brushes and blow dry it straight.

4) I have a passion for running. It's my alone time to talk/pray to Jesus. So sad that I haven't ran since the babies were born and I miss it dearly. So start running again, right?

5) I have an obsession with plucking my eyebrows. I do it every day. I'm trying to stop for 1 month and it's killing me (so I've still been plucking the strays).

6) I'm a tweezer snob. I only use Vitry tweezers which I get in Paris. Every time I go to there, I come home with about 10 pair. I give them as presents and keep spares for myself. My husband and I have been to Paris 2 times together and he's been in so many pharmacies helping me look for them and he doesn't complain too much. I have about 4 spares at this time. I think I need to schedule a trip!

7) I love pedicures! They are my most favorite thing to receive. I used to have the luxury of getting one every other week but now I'm lucky if it's once a month. My girl Pham does the best job and my feet just love her.

I'm now tagging the following for this meme~
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** Sorry in advance ladies but come on..this should be fun!


Amy said...

Andy just told his friend a few hours ago about you dating the rock star! The band starts with a Y right?

Happy Mommy said...

Ok lets see, I did know you smoked for a week, YUCK!
And I knew you "Know" a rock star but I didn't know you dated him, did you shield me from this because I was 12 at the time BWHHHHH If you were 26 I was 12.... That just cracked me up.

You are the round brush queen! And really leave those brows alone, you want to pluck mine don't you?
And please take me to Paris with you I'll tweezer shop if you must.

I remember when HD made alot more money and I used to get pedicures and told you to get one. Times sure have changed I need a pedicure!

I enjoyed your MEME! Love you

Twice Blessed said...

Happy Mommy ~ Of course I sheilded you from some of the boys (old men) I dated..but you did know that because I took you and HD to a concert with me and afterwards backstage, he told you that you were beautiful..I know you remember that!! Pack your bags girlfriend...I mean mon ami..let's go on a tweezer trip!

The G's said...

Spill on the rock star. You can't put something like that in there and not give any details. I can't get a good night sleep until I know. Call me if you must. Just give me the details!!

Tammy said...

Does it count if I just did a meme post last Monday?! :-)

I am dying to know what band too. I'm sure I don't know them though.

tracey said...

I'm finally back online after the missions trip - so I'll answer your meme today. : ) Thanks for the tag - I can't resist a list, even if it's about me!