Saturday, August 9, 2008

Road Trip to the Motor City

We're off on another road trip...not a pleasure trip however. We are going to Detroit again to take Tate to see Dr.Trese. We haven't been to see Dr. Trese since last September. We are both relieved and anxious about this visit.

We learned in May that Tate's right eye has changed since his last eye exam in November. It was explained to us that Tate's eye is getting shallow and the fluid in his eye isn't flowing like it should. They just need to poke a little hole in his pupil to get to his iris and then make some holes in his iris which will allow the fluid to flow properly. If we do nothing, it will surely result in glaucoma. His surgeons here fear that if they do the surgery, they may cause a cataract (they think he may already have one forming) which will result in removing his ocular lens. The problem with that is he may have scar tissue behind his lens and if they even touch it, it could detach his retina. Drama right? And I forgot to mention that Tate's pupils don't dilate because they are scarred down to his iris from the ROP. His opthomologist and retina specialist have highly recommended taking Tate to Detroit to have Dr. Trese give a second opinion and ultimately have him do the surgery. They are also hoping that the doctor can loosen that scar tissue for proper dilation.

The worse thing about all this is that this is Tate's right eye which is his good eye. We know he can see out of his left but the vision in the right is much better. Dr. Trese is Tate's best hope for a successful outcome. Please keep our family in your prayers for safe traveling mercies and especially for our sweet baby boy. We know God has great plans for Tate and we just want his vision to be perfect.

This will be our fifth trip to Detroit. I've made only one stop in Cleveland on our way back to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We'll need a little excitement after all this. I also hope to take the babies to the zoo while we're there. We took them last summer and it was a lot of fun. Well....I better get back to packing. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date and ask for your prayers.

PS.... My 25 year high school reunion is going on as I type this and I obviously wasn't able to make a trip to Dayton Ohio (Wayne High School class of 83) to attend due to this impromptu trip. Hopefully I'll still look good for our 3oth!!!


Happy Mommy said...

We are constantly praying for T and R! HD say's the Rock and Roll hall of fame is cool.
Sorry you missed your reunion, funny how 5 years ago it was so important you you and now God has given you so much, a husband and 2 beautiful children.

The G's said...

Praying for you guys. Call me if you need anything or just need to talk. Love you!

Amy said...

We will continue to pray for Tate and Reese.
I liked the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-we went there when Jancie was @ Cleveland Clinic the entire summer from her surgery.

Stacy said...

We were so excited to go the the Hall of Fame in 2001! All seven us invaded the place. I was a little disappointed though. I just expected MORE. However, there was an exhibit totally dedicated to John Lennon at the time. WOW.

..... Not that we are HUGE Beatles fans just because Grant even knows the lyrics to Dr. Robert and Tax Man.....

Kristy with a K said...

I didn't know you missed your reunion. Sorry about that. It just doesn't seem that important anymore, does it? Those two babies just fill in all your time now. Praying always for them with love. I have never been to r-in-r. Maybe some day.