Friday, May 16, 2008

Jessica Graduates!

It's off to VCU tomorrow morning to see our niece Jessica graduate. She got a 4.0 this semester! We are so proud and love her very much . She's moving back home next week and we're praying she gets the job of her dreams. (This picture was taken the day she received her cap and gown.)

I'm very excited that she'll be around this summer and we can spend some time with her. Hopefully she'll come and help me take the babies to the pool..hint hint. I don't know how I'm going to master 2 babies at the pool but I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow. I know that the sun is so bad for me but am excited that I get to actually see the sun this summer. Last summer I was consumed with having 2 new babies at home and was told not to take them around large crowds etc, etc.

Next Friday, it's off to the beach to meet Happy Mommy and family in Ft. Lauderdale..we're all very excited about this vacation. I hope my husband can relax and not worry about work for a few days but that seems very unlikely. We're so glad he's bringing his laptop so we can both blog! How funny are we??


Debby said...

You're welcome to lurk anytime :-) And i've never noticed your cankles.

Happy Mommy said...

Congratulations to Jessica!!! I can't wait for next weekend!