Friday, August 1, 2008

Reese's Surgery and Tate's Playdate

Reese had surgery again on Tuesday morning. Somehow the Gunderson Flap she got on 7/8 tore and she needed a few more stitches. We kept debating whether to take Tate with us again (he was so bored but very good the last time). Our good friends The G's offered to keep him for the day. So, we left our house at 400a and dropped Tate off (I told you she was a good friend) and headed to Baltimore. Reese's surgery lasted only 30 minutes this time and it was a success. She did however wake from the anesthesia in a very distraught state. She screamed, kicked and cried for over an hour and a half. I was very upset because she's never acted this way before. They gave her more and more pain medication but I don't think she was even in pain...just having a bad reaction (bad dream maybe?). Anyway, once we got her back to her own recovery room, she was back to her normal self..maybe she calmed down after seeing her daddy.

All the while, Tate was being doted on by Mrs. G, Audrey, Betty and Sojung. They took him to the park and played with him all day. Here is a picture that they took of him in his stroller. He had a great time and came back smelling lovely (Mrs. G wears Pure Grace and he smelled just like her the rest of the day). We're very blessed to have good friends who are willing to help us any hour of the day or night.


Happy Mommy said...

Mrs. G is a great friend! 4 am is pretty early! I love his shirt! I am very thankful all is well with Reese's eye.

Amy said...

Glad to her Reese's surgery went well. Sorry to hear she got so upset.

I love my friends and family but 4 in the morning...I love sleep too! The G's sound like great people.
Tate is growing up so fast. And why did he get all the hair? You could easily put a bow in that hair! Madi's falls out all the time.

The G's said...

Your kids are welcome at our house whenever! Tate was a perfect gentleman and the girls loved having him for the day. Hope Reese is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Reese's surgery went great! Prayer works!! Reese and Tate are such beautiful children.


Anonymous said...

I bet you're glad that's over with.
My guys both had the same reaction Reese did after waking up from the anesthesia. Sad!
Glad everyone is doing better!

Kristy with a K said...

Isn't it amazing what Doctors can do? I am so happy for Reese, that all went well.
Hey, I want to stay at Mrs. G's too. Sounds like Tate had a great day.