Monday, April 14, 2008

I won!!

I won Happy Mommy's Meme contest!! I can't say "I never win anything" because I've been quite fortunate in my life at winning contests. The biggest win I ever had was on 10/28/96. It happened to be 1 day before Happy Mommy eloped but that's another story.

I was getting ready for work and my phone rang. It was a local radio station telling me that I was the winner of the Lynnhaven Mall giveaway called "Come see our new look and win some great stuff". I thought it was a prank. My boyfriend was in Las Vegas at the time with some of his friends and I thought it was one of them pulling my leg.

After I sort of argued with the guy (I almost hung up on him), I remembered going to the mall a week earlier and seeing this big house that they built in the middle of the mall loaded with gifts to be given away..I did put my name in the drawing. Long story short, I won $50,000 worth of cash and prizes.

Here's a list of some of the goods..the ones I can remember 12 years later anyway;
1) $10,000 mall money
2) hot tub
3) pool table - sold it for $1000
4) free groceries for a year
5) $1000 gc to mall jeweler (I added some mall $ and bought 2carrot diamond tennis bracelet)
6) car - manual Hundai w/no extras - sold it for $8000
7) 36 inch Hitachi tv
8) Gateway computer
9) daily newspaper for 1 year
10) security system
11) Tiger Shark jet ski
12) $1000 worth of flooring
13) free paint from Norfolk Paints
14) Conti's mountain bike
15) $500 Clinique make up
16) tuxedo
17) Laser eye surgery - had rk done to both eyes 1 week later!! best gift of all!
18) water purifier
19) queen size bed, dresser and 2 nightstands
20) embroidered blanket saying "Lynn Haven Mall" on it

There were 26 prizes in all and I can't think of the last 6 for the life of me. Well that's my "big win" story. Thanks to Happy Mommy for drawing my name and making me another big winner!


ruby wife said...

Congratulations! Although I let you have it!! Just kidding! Buy those beautiful babies of yours something special!

Happy Mommy said...

It was funny, only two people got the answer right and I wrote the names on a piece of paper and Daisy chose the name. She just loves you!
Yeah for Tate, sitting up yesterday!