Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tate can sit!!

Yesterday was the first time that Tate sat up on his own. He has an Occupational Therapist come and work with him once a month and she was here last Thursday. We worked on getting that sweet boy to sit up and crawl on all 4's. He commando crawls and is very good at keeping up with Reese who's been crawling really well for 2 weeks now.

He was rocking back and forth on his hands and knees and then went into a sit from there. I called Twice Blessed Daddy at work and gave him the news and we were both very excited. I've been working with him today to repeat but he doesn't seem too interested. That's ok..I'm sure he'll be a pro by the end of the week.

Some of you may be thinking..he's 14 months old and can't sit up yet? That's correct!
His adjusted/corrected age is only 10 months and his development is based on that.

Just wanted to share the news on sweet baby boy Tate!


Happy Mommy said...

I love that little boy, and girl, now have that TBD teach you how to post pictures so you can show the world your beautiful babies!

ruby wife said...

YEAH! They grow up so fast. And they catch on so quickly! Give those babies kisses for me!