Thursday, April 17, 2008

My little sleep fighter

Have I mentioned that Reese flights sleep? Well lately we've been having a hard time getting her to go to bed at night..not to mention taking a nap during the day. Tate on the other hand, is just like his mama...LOVES to sleep! She's also been waking up in the middle of the night and crying either until she falls back to sleep (which usually happens) or I go and get her and take her to bed with us for fear she'll wake up her brother. I've been trying very hard to let her cry it out when she does this. It's very hard for me not to just go pick her up to comfort her but this hasn't been the best thing for either of us. When I end up taking her back to my room to sleep, I usually wake up with my back all in knots from adjusting the way I lay to accomodate her.

Anyway, last night she started crying around 3am and I let her cry for 10 minutes- thinking she'll cry herself back to sleep. Well she was getting louder and more hysterical so I run in her room and there she is...standing up in her bed!! Now this was a first. For about a week, she's been pulling up on our coffee table, her new kitchen and new piano (Mrs. G, she's almost ready for lessons!). So as you can imagine, this was a sight for can you not pick up a baby standing in her crib??

I melted and almost ran for the camera..I know, not the best time for a photo op so I decided not to do that. I nabbed her and she snuggled up to me and was asleep before I was back in my bedroom..we both had a really good sleep after that. I'm taking the camera upstairs with me tonight just in case she does this again (I'm sure she'll be doing this quite often now)..hopefully, it will be in the morning and she'll be her usual happy sweet baby self.

Again, just wanted to share this first with everyone. We're experiencing a lot of firsts lately and will continue to do so for the next several months ~ did I say months?? I think I meant years!


Happy Mommy said...

She is so cute! And she not only fights sleep, she sings really loud, so she won't fall asleep! She is afraid she might miss something!

ruby wife said...

I can see her little cute face right now, smiling as you opened the door! She was probably thinking, "HA HA I got my way!!" I love it!

The G's said...

I can't wait to have Reese as a piano student! Cute story!