Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LONG Weekend!

I made the official mommy mistake of bragging at how well Reese was doing...bad idea.
She woke up on Friday and cried in pain unless she was being held by either myself or TBDaddy. All she wanted was to be held or to sleep. Also, she kept rubbing her right eye ~ weird (her left eye has the shell). This continued all day Saturday and Sunday. We finally broke down and removed the shell yesterday morning at 8am. I thought she would have a much better day but she acted exactly the same. Poor sweet girl...we felt so bad for her but also so conflicted about removing the shell. We made the decision that if she wasn't any better by Monday, we would just take it, that's what happened.

Today is a little better but her eye is still very teary. After speaking with her ocularist, we made an appointment for her to see the opthomologist on Wednesday and then back to the ocularist on Thursday morning. I can tell that the shell was working and doing it's job in just a matter of days. Now that it is out, her left eye is closed even more so than before. I was told that is the case because her eyelid was starting to stretch to the shape of the conformer. We're praying that after she's checked out, we can start this all over (with a few adjustments to her shell) without any complications this time.

Some good news....Tate is officially sitting! I know I posted awhile back "Tate can Sit!" but it was really a one time event. Yesterday TBDaddy went into the nursery to get Reese and I heard him yell for me to come quick ~ that made me panic a bit! I got in the nursery and our sweet baby boy was sitting up in his crib playing with a toy and just smiled when he saw us. Again, where is my camera when I need it? Anyway I'm proud to announce that he continued to sit all day long and it was just way too cute! Yeah for Tate!

I'm looking forward to American Idol tonight and am excited that they are finally featuring Neil Diamond!! I just love that guy.