Saturday, April 12, 2008

One year anniversary

I realized today that it was a year ago yesterday, 4/11, that I held my babies at the same time for the first time. Reese had been moved a week earlier from room 204 to room 201 which was a step down room in our NICU. Tate was just next door in room 202. They hadn't been together since they were born and we so wanted them to be in the same room. Tate's nurse was Connie that day (she was my favorite of T's nurses-she let me hold him the very first time) and she knew how much we wanted them to be together.

She surprised us that day and got permission from T's doctor to move him to room 201 to be right next to his little sister. We were so happy..they made such a big deal about this and we were thrilled. They gathered some of T and R's other nurses around. They got me and TBD in our gowns, sat us in a chair and gave me Tate first and then Reese and then started taking our pictures. Then it was Daddy's turn to hold them. We all laughed, smiled and cried because it was such a blessing to witness. It was an answer to prayer that our babies were finally together again.

I just wanted to share my memories of such a wonderful day!!


The G's said...

One year already! What a blessing T and R are.

Happy Mommy said...

I am so Thankful for those two Babies!!!