Saturday, April 12, 2008

Reese Loves Pancakes!

Our baby girl did great yesterday. Her doctor was very pleased with her retinas-no changes since last Novembers EUA. When the nurses brought her back to us, they told us to watch her closely all day and that she may sleep a little longer/deeper than usual. NO...she was up all day and didn't even take her nap. I don't know what they spiked her gas with but it had the reverse effect on her. By 630p she was very cranky but still wouldn't sleep..she's such a sleep fighter.

Anyway, after we left the hospital, we went for breakfast to one of our favorite diners. Twice Blessed Daddy ordered the pancakes and Reese was very interested in them. So, she had pancakes for the very first time and loved them. Poor Tate had oatmeal w/pear juice and peach yogurt...he really missed out! He stayed home with Aunt Cindy who was amazed at what a happy baby he is.

I got my haircut today and met up with Mrs G who was doing the same. We've been meeting every 4 weeks at Ty's (our hairdresser) for our monthly cut and color. It was nice to
talk to her about her girls. She showed me new pictures and they are so pretty.

We had our family over this afternoon for a Birthday BBQ for my father in law. It was nice to relax and let my husband run the show. Our niece Jessica is in town for the weekend and she came over early to help with the babies so I could go get my hair cut. I'm happy to say that she never lets me down...she always comes over when she's home to visit with the babies. We're very blessed that she loves them and wants to spend time with them.

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The G's said...

Loving your blog! I enjoy our "talks at Ty's". We should make that a montly date.

Happy Mommy said...

I love Pancakes too! Go Reese!