Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reese After Her 1st Visit to Ocularist

Reese was the perfect patient today!  The scleral shell went in very easily.  After we got home, I realized that she had already removed it on her own!  I was a little freaked.  I tried to put it back in by myself but quickly realized that there needs to be a 2nd person present to hold her hands.  After TBD got home from work, he held her down and I put it was actually very easy I'm happy to say.  She tried to rub her eye but we distracted her with food and she left it alone the rest of the night and fell right to sleep in her Daddy's arms.  Please pray that she forgets all about it and leaves it alone for the next few weeks.  I can already tell a difference but not sure if anyone else can yet.  She goes back on 5/13 and then he starts working on her permanent shell.  He tells us that we should be able to tell quite a difference within the next few weeks.  


The G's said...

Great pic! Now we need to see the little man! Glad to hear she did great. That has to be very scary for her.