Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prayer Request for Reese, Ronda and Noah

Tomorrow is a big day for our little Reese. She gets a conformer placed in her left eye. We're not really sure how they plan on doing this since she's so great at clinching her eye muscles to avoid anyone bothering her eye. We were not given any instructions on how to prepare for this...I think I'm going to give her some Motrin right before her appointment and hopefully it will calm her down a bit. This conformer is the first step for her to receive the schleral shell prosthesis. Hopefully she'll only have to wear it for a few weeks before the ocularist makes her permanent shell. This conformer is not supposed to cause her any's like wearing a contact lens. So, please pray for Reese!

My friend and neighbor Ronda is in Reno NV for her 5 week treatment for Lyme disease. I've read her blog and it sounds like she's been going through quite a bit this week. She is one of the nicest persons I've ever met and I just hate it that she's going through this. I can't imagine being away from my husband and child for 3-4 weeks..I know that is probably the hardest part of her treatment. I'm thankful that her baby girl is able to be with her and that she has good friends and family who are taking turns staying with her to help out with Raegan. So, please pray for Ronda!

Our nephew Noah suffers from Crones disease. He is going through a bout of it right now and is in the hospital. We found out tonight that his doctors made a mistake last month and cut his med prescription in half by accident...they think that is what brought on this episode. He's in quite a bit of pain and is on a morphine iv drip. We're just praying that his doctors can remedy the situation and get his meds back on track. He's only 21 and had been through a lot with this disease. So, please pray for Noah!